Friday 3 October 2014

M&M's laptop cover as a subscription gift

M&M's in France decided to launch a promotional campaign in order to increase customer loyalty and reward their newsletter subscribers at the same time.

They will offer one of these very cool laptop covers to a couple of lucky subscribers (it's actually a lucky draw).

There are 2 interesting things we like about this strategy:
  1. It's a good way to reward your current regular followers
  2. The lucky draw doesn't take into account seniority, therefore it will push new customers to subscribe to the newsletter before the deadline in order to take part in the lottery and get a chance to win the laptop cover.
The gift value is said to be 15 EUR. This kind of laptop sleeves are made of neoprene and protect your laptop in case of fall. The branding surface is very big and allows the logo to be visible from far away. Therefore the lucky winner of this laptop cover would indirectly be advertising for your brand as long as he uses it.

Smart, isn't it?

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