Thursday 23 October 2014

Ring for Sex - Promo Gift

We spotted this bell in the middle of a trade show last week.   It stopped us in our tracks - whilst we held back the urge to grab the bell and give it a good shake, we decided to snap a picture instead.

2 types of bells were offered by the factory.
  • counter top one which can be wrung if no sales or customer service person is at the desk when you arrive.
  • Hand held bell can be picked up and moved from side to side to get attention.
ring for sex
Ring for sex
As a promotional products gift, these are both excellent items.   The Counter top one can be used and incorporated into POS displays.  These could allow customers in large stores to bring sales staff to your specific counter.   
Top Tip:    Why not incorporate a sound module and put an applause, musical jingle or other fun sound on the counter top one?

Ring For Sex - just for starters.

The hand held bell has great logo space, can be made in wide range of colours, and is a very fun desktop promotional product.  Maybe the concept of ringing for sex can be elaborated on.   Surely you could ring for any number of other reasons.   Drinks in bars, dinner in bed when sick, children to be quiet. Just throwing around some ideas for now.

Not sure about the keyring one, but it is another option for those who always want attention - would you use this?   I think it would make too much noise to be really functional.   You could however tie it to a bike or other item so it is easy to use when needed.

They say sex sells.   Hopefully it also generates lots of interest in our blog too.   Please click on through.

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