Thursday 20 November 2014

POS Display for Drinks

Which drink would you buy when confronted with this Fridge?  When choosing your POS Display for Drinks brand managers always look to stand out from the crowd.
POS Display for Drinks
POS Display for Drinks
There is an Acrylic shelf which hooks onto the fridge itself with suction cups.   On this sit lots of plastic mini-shot glasses.   These shots are impulse purchases and positioned just over the more standard beer offering. This display is easy to replenish.

There is great brand visibility and the drinks are stored at a good height for visibility.   We like the black and white logo given the drinks are so colourful in their own right.   A less colourful drink might opt for more colourful artwork and maybe a non transparent acrylic display.

I did try to find the drinks company online to tag them but not really sure how you spell it.   Nevertheless, they are visible where it counts on the shelf.  

What other POS Display for Drinks  have you seen recently and how did it grab your attention?   Also, when is last time you bought a shot drink at a convenience store?

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