Thursday 30 April 2015

Promotional Make-Up Bag

There's currently a promotional campaign being run by a Chinese make-up company, 百雀羚, in which they give a free make-up bag with the purchase of their gift set.
Promotional Make-Up Bag
Promotional Make-Up Bag
The campaign is being run due to the variety of benefits that come along with it. The make-up bag they're giving away has been customized in order to match the companies green color scheme. This will ensure that customers will recall their brand whenever they see the bag.

The bag makes the perfect branding opportunity, due to its large, flat area and visibility. Which will most definitely increase brand awareness and exposure.

As it's a gift with purchase (GWP), the bag will add incentive for consumers to purchase the gift set, leading to an increase in impulse purchases from customers who want the bag.

Despite it being a relatively simple product, there are many customizations that can be made to match your corporate theme and make it look higher-end. The customizable options include the design, color, material, size and shape of the bag. Customizing the bag can help to reach different target audiences. In this case it's a make up bag, which is clearly targeting women.

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  1. Great Marketing strategy because brand will get both recognition and also loyal customers. whoever gets free bag will like to buy again from this brand.


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