Wednesday 20 May 2015

Castrol Edge Motor Oil: Movie Tickets GWP

The 7th installment of the incredibly popular action movie, Fast and Furious, was recently released. An opportunity that one of the leading automotive lubricant companies, Castrol, took full advantage of. They did this by offering free Fast and Furious 7 tickets with every purchase of Castrol Edge motor oil - that was officially used in the film.

Castrol Edge Motor Oil: Movie Tickets GWP

This campaign greatly benefited both the movie producers and Castrol. It primarily does this through incentive.

The whole basis of this promotional campaign is to add incentive to consumers to purchase the motor oil. The reason this works so well is that Fast and Furious 7 is a highly anticipated movie. So consumers will definitely be willing to pay a higher price to receive the tickets, rather than buy from competing brands. The tickets, will increase the perceived value of the oil, which will allow you to justifiably charge more.

Another aspect to consider, is that when consumers see that Castrol oil was the official oil, used in the movie, they will consider it to be a quality product - which will lead to many repeat purchases in the future.

If anything, this campaign shows the huge benefits that can be gained from offering a quality product, with a high perceived value in your gift with purchase (GWP) campaign.

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