Monday 25 May 2015

DHL Branded Wall Clock

One of the leading logistic companies, DHL, has been running a promotional campaign in order to raise awareness of their services. During which they were providing customers with a branded wall clock.

Why does a branded wall clock make a fantastic promotional gift?

One of the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing a promotional gift, is the branding area. As you can see above, wall clocks have a very large, flat area, which is perfect for branding. Not only is it a great area to add your logo, but also to add other information about your company, or customize the color of the face to match your company theme - as you can see above.

Along with the great branding opportunity comes high visibility. Clocks are often hung up in public areas, and are regularly looked at - so this is a guaranteed method to increase brand awareness and exposure.

Another benefit is that wall clocks can be fully customized, be it the branding, color of the face or the border, the shape, the size or whether it's an analog clock or a digital one. Therefore you have the options to provide a digital clock as a high-end promotional gift, as part of your campaign.

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