Monday 11 May 2015

GWP Bottle Carry Holder - Promotional Packaging

Promotional packaging is becoming more and more common for an array of different products around the world. This is due to the numerous benefits it can have when it comes to driving sales and making your product to stand out amongst other competing brands.

GWP Bottle Carry Holder
GWP Bottle Carry Holder
As mentioned, promotional packaging like the above can really make your product stand out amongst a plain shelf. With this increase in attention will come an increase in sales.

Depending on the type of materials used and the design, promo packaging can really help to make a product seem high-end, which will increase the perceived value and justify you charging a higher price than your competitors.

There's a convenience aspect that can come with promotional packaging too. As you can be see above, a holder for the bottle of whiskey can be incredibly convenient, which will help to drive impulse sales and make it more likely consumers will purchase your brand over others.

Packaging, of course, is primarily used for branding and getting your logo noticed. Luckily promotional packaging does this job just as well, if not better, than regular packaging. The high-end box style and large printing area can really help to increase brand awareness and exposure.

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