Wednesday 6 May 2015

Nestlé Personalized Activity Book Promotional Campaign

The incredibly popular food and beverage company, Nestlé, ran a promotion in which they gave away free personalized activity books, with the purchase of 3 baking products from Woolworths.
Nestlé Personalized Activity Book
One of the most unique aspects about this promotional campaign, that makes it stand out against others, is that it's personalized. Parents will be enticed to make the 3 purchases in order to get an activity book for their children, who will also be excited.

The personalized activity book, which includes the individual consumers name and picture, is a sure way to drive sales. As you can see from the image, it is branded with the Nestlé logo and features recipes. The fact it features recipes is important, because it's relevant to Nestlé. This allows Nestlé to create recipes that will required consumers to purchase even more Nestlé products, be it baking accessories or food.

The personalization will ensure that parents and children associate positively with their brand, which will make them more like to purchase from them in the future, or recommend the brand to others.

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