Monday 15 June 2015

Exercise Mat - Gift with Purchase

Offering free gift with purchases is a key element to add incentive and entice consumers to purchase your products. This is especially beneficial for you if you can provide useful gifts, that are inexpensive - which is the exact case with these exercise mats.

Exercise Mat - Gift with Purchase
Exercise Mat - Gift with Purchase

Exercise mats are not only inexpensive to give as a gift in your campaign, they also have other benefits when it comes to branding. Exercise mats are large, flat and laid out on the floor - often in public areas. Therefore if you take advantage of the large branding area, it can have dramatic results in increase brand exposure, awareness and ultimately sales.

These type of mats are products that consumers aren't likely to purchase themselves, but will definitely be willing to spend to get it as a free gift, and will be appreciative of it. This will lead to brand loyalty, and make consumers more likely to either make repeat purchases or recommend your brand to others.

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