Tuesday 23 June 2015

Free travel bag as gift with purchase from Rémy Martin

Airports provide one of the best places for advertisement due to the large amount of people that pass through every day. For this reason giveaways and other promotional campaigns are often spotted here. This gift with purchase was recently seen at Sydney airport in Australia. When you purchase Rémy Martin products for over 330 AUD you will receive this travel bag for free.
Free travel bag as gift with purchase from Rémy Martin
The exclusivity of this bag is what caught our eye. This is a good example of how promotional products don't need to be low-cost items. Both high-end and low-end brands successfully use it in their marketing campaigns and there are good reasons behind this.

They don't only incentivize purchase - but also works as a a type of advertisement when customers use the products. They will give the brand more exposure and increase the likelihood of new customers purchasing their products. Brand retention will also increase since customers constantly will be reminded of the brand when they see the logo and promotional product.

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