Tuesday 7 July 2015

Fruit Of The Loom - Promotional Boxers

The American clothes manufacturer, Fruit of the Loom, ran an incredibly unique promotional campaign to promote their underwear range.

By teaming up with LinkedIn, Fruit of the Loom approached all LinkedIn members who had changed or gotten new jobs in the last 30 days, and gave them new underwear.

Fruit Of The Loom - Promotional Boxers
Fruit Of The Loom - Promotional Boxers

This was all done as part of their 'Start Happy' campaign. When asked why, they claimed to be running the promotion because “great fitting underwear can help you start your workday in a great mood.”

Although there are a number of benefits for the Fruit of the Loom that will arise from this promotion.

Firstly, it offers the Fruit of the Loom to feature some of their best products to a huge audience. Along with the underwear, they gave a $5 discount coupon for a multi-pack. So there will be a large increase in sales from consumers who like the quality, design or style.

The whole promotion also makes for a fantastic opportunity to spread the brands name. By offering a promotional product that consumers will wear, there's a higher likelihood that the companies brand name will be seen. Not only that, but the campaign itself is a sure fire way to increase brand exposure. By running such a unique campaign, the company had numerous news articles written about it, on major websites, which will spread awareness.

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