Monday 3 August 2015

12 days of Summer Giveaways

Fashion Magazine is hosting a 12 days of Summer Giveaway, starting from July 27th and running consecutively for 12 days. Products involved in this competitive giveaway include some of the most coveted summer products, ranging from Nine West shoes to Jimmy Choo sunglasses and a never-ending sea of beauty products by Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and more.
12 days of Summer Giveaways
By offering giveaways, the amount of users visiting the Fashion Magazine website will increase depending on the perceived worth of the giveaways. For Fashion Magazine, the brand thrives on increased web traffic and by offering these high quality and exclusive giveaways the brand awareness and internet traffic will increase. 

This is a really clever and interesting way to increase recognition of the Fashion Magazine brand, through competitive marketing, while increasing the amount of traffic the website gets. This type of marketing is regularly seen because it is so successful, and the products offered although expensive can easily be repeated for lower costs. Ignoring the brand names, every product there could be produced cheaply and could still reap great rewards for the customer as much as the producer.

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