Friday 28 August 2015

Fashion Retailer is Offering a Free Canvas Sling Bag with Purchase

The famous Hong Kong based fashion retailer Bossini is now offering a free Canvas Sling Bag with purchases above $80. The bag is a great promotional idea to include in the overall marketing approach. It is an excellent  giveaway before schools start in Hong Kong, and it has huge potential to increase brand awareness, while rewarding customers.

Fashion Retailer is Offering a Free Canvas Sling Bag with Purchase 

Schedule your Marketing Approach after Culture and Seasons

Planning and timing your marketing approach has huge importance if you want to gain positive results for your campaign. You have to adapt to the culture you are doing business in. Bossini is currently operating in the fashion industry, which has many different cultural preferences. This means that the company needs to adjust their product portfolio. Bossini has also managed to adapt their product portfolio seasonally, which is timed just before schools start. 

Free gifts with purchases are extremely valuable if you manage to schedule them at the right time for the right place. This will increase your company's brand awareness and in the long run boost sales.

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