Wednesday 16 September 2015

Purchase with Purchase - Grab a Limited Coca-Cola Truck at Golden Screen Cinemas

The largest cinema chain in Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinemas is now offering their customers a limited branded Coca-Cola truck for purchase when buying some of their special promotions. The offer starts at 18th of September 2015 and continues as long as stocks last.

Grab a Limited Coca-Cola Truck at Golden Screen Cinemas
This limited edition purchase has high collectible value to customers who like Coca-Cola, as it celebrates "100 years of happiness". It's a special one time merchandise, which helps to make Coca-Cola brand more unique.

Limited Merchandise - Benefits from Purchase with Purchase

Limited edition merchandise has, as mentioned, high collectible value. Therefore it will create more value to other purchases you are offering. Through this, Golden Screen Cinemas is attracting more customers to purchase their special promotions during September and is more likely to increase the numbers of visitors to their movies. This will surely increase brand awareness for both the cinema chain and Coca-Cola in general. 

Affiliate Marketing to Raise Sales

In past promo blogs we have seen great examples of businesses doing affiliate marketing. Windows and Casio succeeded with this as well as Levi's and Swarowski. Now the Malaysian cinema chain and the global brand Coca-Cola are doing the same. 

Companies' benefit from this because they are undertaking marketing activities together and thereby rewards each other. Said in another way are both companies are taking advantage of each other's customer clientele in order to raise sales and brand awareness.     

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