Friday 11 September 2015

The Best and Most Innovative Gift Ideas from Autumn Fair 2015

Autumn Fair 2015 has just finished and left us with some great promotional marketing ideas. With innovation, invention and creativeness left as buzz words, Autumn Fair 2015 was a successful trade show, which retails managers can benefit from.

Comprehensive Selection of Giftware 

Autumn Fair 2015 had the most comprehensive selection of giftware in Europe, which means retailers had chances to be first in line for new product launches. Below is pictured some new innovative promotional products from Europe's largest trade show, which will help to make you stand out among competition.
The best and most Innovative Gift Ideas from Autumn Fair 2015
A golden rule says; "Always be a step in front of your competitors," with innovative 3D marketing companies now have new possibilities to brand themselves through newest technology. The 3D micro image company, Itzbugginiz presented their newest products at the 3D scientific stand at Autumn Fair 2015.
Retailers around the world can benefit from innovative products like this. There are huge branding possibilities on diverse screens and 3D glasses.

The best and most Innovative Gift Ideas from Autumn Fair 2015
Retails managers know how important it is to create brand awareness when raising sales. Creative giftware has great branding potential in this case. The gardening company Burgon & Bell presented creative storage boxes. Creative boxes like this has huge branding potential and helps to create awareness if logo's printed on. It is a promotional product, which is great for giftware and will help to stimulate sales.

Above are perfect examples of creative and innovative advertising products. Exclusive promotional products make your company profile look more unique, which helps you to stand out among the competition. Trade shows and events, like Autumn Fair, give retailers the unique possibilities to do just that.

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