Tuesday 20 October 2015

Interview with AkronPromoShop.com

Today we interviewed Jessica Kirr from AkronPromoShop.com which is an online store created to manage all types of branded merchandise needs, combining the spend of the Akron area to give the very best pricing due to negotiations with the top suppliers in the promotional marketing industry.
They are unique because they offer the convenience of an online store, as well as a real live program manager who you can speak to whenever you have questions or need assistance.

Your dedicated program manager will assist you throughout the entire purchasing process – from selecting products, to coordinating free design assistance, to ensuring the timely delivery of your order. They work hard to ensure they supply you with the most innovative promotional products in the industry so that your business leaves a lasting impression.

Find out why they have been recognized as a Top-10 Fastest Growing Distributor in the country and have successfully delivered over 10,500,000 million products with an over 99% satisfaction rate.

What were your 3-5 best-selling products last year? (Bags, shirts, pens, drinkware etc.)
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Our first best-selling product is our Jerzees 5.6 oz. 50/50 T-Shirt (Item #17239). Our customers rave about this t-shirt keeping its shape and being a comfortable fit, wash after wash! Not to mention it comes in a wide spectrum of colors.
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Our second best-selling product is our Economy Retractor Banner Display – 33.5 inch Custom (Item #11352). Customers love this full-color digital banner and display system. It is lightweight, a breeze to transport, and easy to set up at your next trade show, event, or in your company’s lobby!
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Our third best-selling product is our 2GB Credit Card-Shaped Flash Drive (Item #21561). Carry your important information/projects around with you 24/7 in your wallet or pants pocket!

Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Our fourth best-selling product is our 14 oz Capri Mug (Item #20180). Customers love the look of the two-tone ceramic mug; white outside/colored inside, with a matching colored handle. It really allows your message to POP!

What are faster growing market segments in your region? (banks, automotive, Pharma, Food etc...)

Faster growing market segments in our region are software/tech companies, non-profit organizations, manufacturers of goods/services, the food industry and finally smaller locally-owned Akron Ohio area businesses.

What are the biggest opportunities you see in your industry?

In the promotional products industry, our biggest opportunity is consolidating a company’s branded merchandise and apparel purchasing. Our industry has made a HUGE transition over the years. Customers have gone from print catalogs, to buying their promotional products online. This transition has taken place because it saves the consumer time and it’s easier to manage orders and compare products for quality and pricing.

Our site, AkronPromoShop.com, is a great example of this new trend in the industry. AkronPromoShop.com is a SmartSite, online store, that was created by our parent company Consolidus LLC. AkronPromoShop.com, and other SmartSites like it, specialize and tailor promotional merchandising services, products and marketing campaigns to the needs of a specific target market or organization.

SmartSites are a fast, efficient and are always available as a flexible alternative to traditional printed catalogs. Most local and national organizations are moving to the internet for sourcing and information. Consolidus’s SmartSites empower these organizations to simplify their own internal process and provide increased value for every dollar spent. SmartSites provide increased control over quality, cost, efficiency and brand integrity.

The products that you will find on our SmartSites have been selected based upon their relevance to your unique needs and your particular industry. Although we have the same access to over one million products that you might find on other, more "general" sites, we give you the best of both worlds. We do the research ourselves and provide you with the most relevant products – while still being equipped to offer you any product in the industry – even if it is not featured on the site.

We have created SmartSites for the following happy customers, The Better Business Bureau, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Lebron James Family Foundation, The United States Airforce ROTC Program , The United States Army ROTC Program, the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Miami University, and many more!

To inquire more information about Consolidus, and how its SmartSites work, visit Consolidus.com

Any examples of a good marketing campaign you like? Links or pictures appreciated.

A great example of a successful marketing campaign is one that we executed last summer with a newer customer of ours, Enfusen.

Enfusen, a cloud-based marketing software solutions Firm, released their flagship Microsoft marketing automation software at the annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando. They came to AkronPromoShop.com with a wish list of items to really set them apart and allow them to stand out at this prestigious event.
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
We worked with them to accommodate their budget and provide them with professional display materials, business cards and branded apparel for each of their staff members attending the event (all pictured below)!

Enfusen had multiple items to hand out to their prospective customers that supported their brand, while making a lasting impression. They opted for an Enfusen branded energy drink (which was a HUGE hit!) and a drawstring bag with their logo on it.
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
Interview with AkronPromoShop.com
As a result, Enfusen returned to their office with a number of great leads, made a HUGE impression at the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference, and couldn’t have been happier with the products AkronPromoShop.com provided them with. See their testimonial below!

All the products we bought from AkronPromoShop were great! Very professional and a huge hit at our event!" Enfusen - Anne Daily

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