Friday 29 January 2016

Apple Stickers - A 25 year promo gift

Apple macintosh are one of the worlds most recognisable brands. Although their products have significantly evolved over time, two things have maintained the same - their logo and the use of promotional stickers.

Apple Stickers
Apple Stickers - A 25 year promo gift
With every Apple product purchase two stickers are gifted. They use a simple and clean design by backing their famous apple logo. This is a great example for all brands displaying that that there is never a point to stop looking for ways to market your company.

Why Apple have continued to use promotional stickers:
  • Further brand awareness. Promotional stickers are a superb way to get a brands name and logo out there to be seen.  
  • Low cost. Stickers can be a great tool for all firms because of this reason.  
  • Space. Particularly when offering an on-pack gift it is crucial for the product to not take up too much space. 
  • Continue tradition. Apple consumers are now accustomed to receiving stickers with every purchase. If they decided to not include this free gift they could receive a negative reaction. 
Overall, promotional stickers can be a a great tool for brands of all sizes. If offering as a promo gift it can be a brilliant way to boost brand recognition and catalyst positive word-of-mouth..


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