Monday 15 February 2016

Sportscene offering Converse Bag as Gift with Purchase

South African sneakerware company Sportscene are currently offering a free gift with purchase in stores. With every purchase over 400R on selected Converse footwear, you will receive a free Converse Bag.
Sportscene offering Converse Bag as Gift with Purchase
A free gift with purchase can have numerous advantages for companies and brands alike. Firstly it adds extra value to a purchase, giving customers additional reason to purchase from you and not from your competitors.

Secondly being seen as a company that provides more than its competitors will give you a positive brand image, this is very important with standing out from the competition.

Finally, having a gift with purchase will leave to greater customer retention and encourage new customers to choose your brand over your competitors. After all, everyone enjoys receiving more than what they expect when it comes to purchases.

In conclusion, a free gift with purchase provides a great incentive for customers to purchase your products over competitors and is a great marketing tool.

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