Monday 21 March 2016

ASI: Pete Rose Slides Into Bobblehead Hall of Fame

Bobbleheads originated in the 1960's and are a historical promotional gift that has exploded on pretty much every market, from sports, to music to almost any general interest you can think of. Nowerday's they aren't so popular to find as a marketing gift but the idea of collecting them as a hobby still lives on.

With these products being such a huge phenomena among many people, it was only a matter of time for a museum of these promotional gifts to go on sale. 

Being more popular in America than anywhere else, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum has been created to celebrate  the popularity and diversity of these products. From sports stars to rock starts and everything in between, this Museum has it all.

In it's latest promotion for their newest addition to the hall of fame, Pete Rose, a famous Baseball Player, is receiving his place in the hall as well as being a gift to all those that buy a ticket.

This is a great promotional gift as it is perfect for anyone who is into collecting these as a hobby. As it is a bobblehead museum and hall of fame it means that the only people that will visit will have some sort of interest in bobbleheads. With this promo gift it offers them the chance to add to their collection a famous sporting star.

Even If people are not particularly interested in bobbleheads but are into their sports, specifically baseball and Pete Rose, or are just local to the venue, it may be a great product to drive these fans and locals into visiting the place to see their great collection while gaining a souvenir they wouldn't normally have chance to recieve.

Finally the gift along with the humerus ceremony, due to Rose being denied into the actual MLB hall of fame, Rose will give a speech and receive his own bobblehead. So who says promotional gifts have no silver lining?

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