Monday 28 March 2016

Marketing Ideas from 36 Blogs

36 blogs caught our attention this March and we wanted to share this selection with you. Sharing promotional products and marketing ideas can help your sales team with cross marketing and we all know that what works in 1 industry or another country is often applied in another.   Leverage these ideas and actively network with your peers.   Enjoy the blogs..

Your Promo People

Your Promo People is part of a family of websites operated by JH Specialty, IncThey discuss a great variety of products and marketing Ideas available to companies looking to market their company further. 

Delta Marketing Group

Delta Marketing group are a company that focuses on grow businesses by transforming the way they approach marketing and sales. They work on a range of areas such as; getting found, capturing leads as well as engaging with the customer. More specifically they cover all the key aspects of marketing, from brand merchandising to trade show marketing.

A lot of their blog posts focus on trade shows, as well as specific marketing techniques and advice to help your company and marketing ideas. Some interesting blogs they have shared are: Why Trade Show Giveaways Are Important and Inbound Social Selling: 3 Things All Reps Need to Know.

Company Folders

Company Folders are a paper specific company that has a great selection of folders offering a range of with stocks, coatings, foils and imprint methods.

Being paper specific this company's blogs focus's on discussing a variety of promotional topics and marketing ideas on paper. An example of this is business cards. Here are two blogs we thought were very useful: 12 Tips To Design The Perfect Business Card  and How to Print Like a Pro: Understanding Double-Sided Printing.

ODM Group

ODM Group is a fantastic promotional products company that discusses and analyses hundreds of great marketing ideas. 

Their blog database has a huge selection of products, offering descriptions, ideas and alternatives that fit your marketing direction. Here are some of our favourite blogs: 

Maple Ridge Farms

Maple Ridge Farms was founded in 1979 and is is the largest company in America specialising in corporate food gift programs and general food associated marketing and general Marketing Ideas.

Maple Ridge Farms blog page offers a range of food associated blogs along with other key topics such as presentation and communication. Here are some examples: Food of the Gods: 15 Fun Facts about Chocolate and Lessons Learned from Downton Abbey: How to Present Your Way to Success.


EMT designs and manufactures corporate logo jewelry, commemorative coins and uniform insignia for the promotional products industry. 

EMT mostly focus on promotional products within their blog. Including products such as wine stoppers, belt buckles and loop straps. Here are a few interesting blogs they have produced: Promo Loops Included in the 2016 Oscars Gift Bag and Case Study: Guardian Angel

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Blue Soda Promo

Blue Soda Promo specialise in logo designing and developing marketing ideas to propel a companies promotional campaign. 

Blue Soda Blogs have a range of blogs that discuss the success and application of logo's branding as well as competitions and other company success stories. A couple of good blogs are: 10 Things You Need To Know About Logo Design and What Starbucks Can Teach You About Business Strategy.

Superior Promos 

Superior Promo's are a company that make a variety of promotional products for all different tastes and requirements. 

Superior Promo's blogs Cover a lot of their own products and ideas to do with the promotional product industry. Some blogs we enjoyed and found interesting were: Superior Promos Makes Online Ordering Easy with a New and Improved Mobile Website and 3 Things You Need to Know About National Small Business Week.  

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BIC Graphic

Bic Graphic is a division of Bic and is a leading, world-class supplier of custom-imprinted products for the promotional products industry. BIC Graphic sells exclusively through distributors of promotional products/advertising specialties. 

Bic graphic offer a great selection of blogs ranging from discussion of their own to other companies marketing ideas. Here are some examples: The Value of Retail Brands in Promo Products and BIC GRAPHIC EXPANDS KOOZIE® LINE WITH EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS PERFECT FOR SPRING.

Go Promotional

Go Promotional is part of an international online marketing group which specialises in promotional gifts and corporate merchandise. They have over 30 years of successful promotional experience providing some great marketing ideas.

Go promotional have a range of blogs that cover all things promotional gifts with particular topics related to social media. Two of our favourite blogs that focus on great marketing idedas are: Google Sets Penalty Sights on Bloggers and Next Facebook Emoji Reactions Launched

Show Your Logo

Show Your Logo is a company that focus's on promotional products and Logo Apparel to successful market a company wherever they are located.

Show Your Logo has multiple blogs on many different promotional products. With recent discussions of power banks they have a set of very interesting marketing ideas to read. Here are some interesting blogs: 5 Unique Calendars to Show Your Logo and Custom Printed Power Banks for Every Budget.

Leader Promos

Leader Promos is an award-winning distributor of top-quality promotional products based in the USA.

Their blogs discuss all things promotional, talking about products and even their clients. Here are some great blogs by Leader Promos that show marketing ideas at their finest: The Essentials on Essential Oils and Product Spotlight: Power Banks.


Halo is a global leader of promotional ideas, combining creativity and innovation for successful branding solutions. 

They discuss a range of great marketing ideas, from competition to even how colour can effect your product, brand and marketing strategy. Here are two of our favourite blogs: How Color Affects Branding and How to Generate Buzz with Competition.

C&S Sales 

C&S Sales is a promotional products and custom packaging company specializing in all aspects of marketing. Providing users some great marketing ideas around these subjects.

They have a sizeable number of blogs that date back to 2007. Here are two great blogs from C&S Sales: Take Your Brand Global With These Travel Must Haves and Beach Essentials Promotional Items.


Smurk is a creative company that designs, creates and prints products for promotional use. They offer a fantastic range of products for any brand.

Smurk have a very design and internet focused set of blogs, using ideas from twitter, facebook and companies they've worked with previously. Here are a couple of our favourite blogs and marketing ideas from them: Getting found by Google and Traffic Building Tips and The new beer geek nation is alive.

EYB Promotions

EYB Promotions is a premier manufacturer of personalized promotional products and custom corporate gifts.

Their blogs discuss a variety of events and products, discussing in great detail to what they are and what they do, with application to whatever market they target. Two blogs that we liked: 

Advanced Custom Promotions

Advanced Custom Promotions discusses the latest retail trends and new business opportunities as well as gain insider tips on how to get the most value when designing a promotional product campaign.

In their blogs there is a range of tips, tricks and promotional products to inspire those that read them. Our favourites are: 7 Paw-sitively Perfect Promotional Gifts for Pet Lovers and Top 6 St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Gifts. 

Amsterdam Print

Amsterdam Printing offers custom promotional products for customer giveaways, events, employee incentives, tradeshow displays & more. From custom pens to imprinted apparel and everything in between, Amsterdam Printing is a great source for your promotional product needs.

Amsterdam Print's blog page is under the name of "small business know how" offering help to small businesses as well as large. They have a great selection of marketing ideas as well as topical discussions on promotional products to help other companies develop successfully. Here are some blog posts we found interesting: The Low Down on Lanyards and Tradeshow Checklist: The 7 Things You Need to Do to Prepare

Promotional Products Blog

Promotional Product Blog is a product specific blog that focus's on some of the most cost effective promotional products specific to Australia.

Promotion have a range of topics in their log, with discussion of not only products, printing and the way promotional items can help you. They also look at subjects like the history of promotion as well as other relevant marketing ideas. Here are two we liked: Promotional Products History and Promotional Products Infographics.

Specialist Blog Spot

 A Specialites Blog Spot blog by Garrett Specialties. In this blog they discuss all different subjects such as tips, advice and information relating to any promotional product need.

They cover all things promotional, discussing topics on what they found interesting to even specifically categorized marketing ideas. Some topic areas covered were: 

Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions is a promotional marketing agency with expertise in design, sourcing, and production of branded merchandise and corporate apparel.

They have a great blog that discusses all different promotional products as well as corporate holiday gifts and much more. Here are some blogs they have discussed in the past that have some great marketing ideas: Best of 2015 and Need a Last Minute Corporate Holiday Gift.

The Big Dog Blog

Big Dog Blog is a part of Big Dog Branding, a family business that works on serving their clients promotional needs through the use of promotional products, printing services, e-commerce websites and eco-friendly marketing ideas.

Their blog has an array of interactive blogs that use video's as well as text. They discuss promotional methods as well as more personal ones to do with their business. Here are two blogs we liked: Reach and Recall – The power of Promotional Products! and Celebrating the life and accomplishments of our founder, Ann Morrissey.

Promo Products MKTG Blog

Promo Products are a printing company that discusses offers and promotions on products as well as marketing items themselves that are currently trending. 

Their blogs have many products discussed as well as specific days that are perfect for getting your promo gifts out there. They have recently focused heavily on beach balls. Here are a few examples: Thrifty Thursday – Multicolor 12 Inch Beach Balls and Fun Facts About Beach Balls 

ADCO Marketing

ADCO's main focus was on printing and distribution but did include promotional items like door hangers. Nowerdays with it's impeccable growth the business focus's more on the promotional products field rather than just being a side topic - developing an array of marketing ideas.

With a range of prouducts and interesting topics, ADCO blog about almost anything promotional. Providing a variety of interesting reads and discussions. Here are just a few we liked: Maximizing ROI Investment for Tradeshows and Budget Printed Promotional Products.

Platform Group Gallery Blog

The Platform Group Gallery have a great selection of marketing ideas that focus on ecologically friendly, high-style packaging designed specifically for promotions and advertising. 

As they specifically target packaging as the means of promotion, their blogs reflect this, having a great selection of packaging ideas: GalleryBoard Packaging - press kits, binders, gift boxes and storage - made in 

The Pen Guy

The Pen Guy have been around for 25 years assisting end buyers in purchasing the promotional pens necessary in evoking winning campaigns through great marketing ideas.

The Pen Guy offers a range of blogs that mostly focus on promotional pen products, however there are other marketing areas such as influencing your industry that is discussed. These are two blogs we really enjoyed: Top 10 Most Effective Promotional Items and Is Your Business Harnessing the Power of Peer Influence? 

JC Graphics

 JC Graphics, are a full-service company that focuses on graphics, marketing ideas and solutions. This includes printing, graphic design, advertising specialties, signage, apparel and collateral material.

JC Graphics have a great selection of blogs that discuss all things promotional. From T shirts to solutions they cover a great variety of ideas and aid. Here are a few blogs we found interesting: What are PMS Colors? and Spotlight on Apparel: Custom for Spring and Summer.

The VIP Swag-Suit Blog

The VIP Swag - Suit Blog focuses on premium suits and other promotional products. "One girls social diary of all things SWAG related and the VIP events where you can find it. Welcome to the swag suite!"

While their main focus is all things suits and "Swag" their blogs have a great selection of marketing ideas and products. This can range from discussing pantone colours to packaging. Here are some examples: Holiday Swag and Spring 2014. Pantone Top Color.

Surge Promotion

Surge promotions is a screen-printing, embroidery and promotional product company. .

This blog showcases the best asset of Surge and it's people.It has an array of comical blogs as well as a collection of some more serious thought provoking blogs. Here are some of the best: 
Blogger Personas and Serge Does A Scavenger Hunt

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E-Promo's offers some of the best tips on ordering the right marketing merchandise to increase brand awareness within your target market.

Their blogs consist of creative marketing ideas and case studies of how others have used promotional items to promote their brand. Here are some interesting blogs: 
Product Focus: Shaker Bottles and Rand Paul leading the race so far in cool political merchandise.

Print Global

Print Global are a marketing focused printing firm that aim to provide a range of printing alternatives to successfully make your brand and logo a promotional hit.

While some of their blogs discuss the effectiveness of printing, applying their company to it. They also cover other interesting and fun areas that are a great read. Here are a few we thought were good marketing ideas: Eco-friendly Promotional Products and Imprint Methods Defined.

Promotional Products International Blog

Promotional Products international Blog discuss all things promotional. specifically focusing on products, interviews and case studies they have 
582 posts dedicated to these areas

With so many posts archived for users to view, 
Promotional Products International Blog give many reasons to why these products, such as USB's, are a great promotional option. Here are some examples: How to Market Your Brand Effectively With Printed USB Sticks and Knowing everything on promotional balloons inflated with helium.


Boundless are here to
 deliver great marketing ideas and Brand Love moments "those instants when the right product meets the right person. In a flash, a connection is made. And in each moment, there is boundless potential".

Their interactive website and great selection of blogs offer visitors an interesting read, covering case studies from all over the world on how them and other companies can help you. Here are some of our favourite blogs: Leveraging Collective Buying Power to Make More Connections and Building Meaningful Relationships With Customers.


Stouse is a wholesale manufacturer of printed promotional products. they offer a range of high quality decals, magnets, parking permits, roll labels and a large variety of custom items made to fit many applications. These range up to 3,000 products. 

They have a great page which specifically aims at giving inside advice on many business problems, especially for those starting up. Two blogs we thought were a great help are:  Insider Tips on How to Submit Orders that get Placed First (in 5 easy steps) and Price it Right: Using the Selling Price Calculator

Printable Promotions

Printable Promotions are a printing company that provides a selection of unique and useful printing ideas to help progress your company.

They have many blogs on products that can have print as well as items that will be improved with logo printing. Here are some examples: Custom Products for our Union clients and Success Story – Homecoming.

Branded Matters

Branded Matters focuses on a range of branding and promotional areas. Creating distributing, and managing  branded products efficiently so they have an efficient means of marketing success.

The Branded Matters blog discusses a more personal way on how to become more noticed and successful in the marketing sector. They use a very novelist and literary approach to discuss this, making them a very interesting read. Here are the main two we enjoyed: Once Upon a Time, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night and When the Peripheral Opponent is You.

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