Friday 1 April 2016

Blog Content for Guest Blogging

We always get a similar question when talking about guest blogging. "Can we use the content from our site". Because of this we decided to blog about it ourselves and let everyone know how we work when it comes to your company sending us blogs to post.

We like to promote your company's individuality as much as ours, so why not promote it through a simple blog post?

As a unique and original promotional blogging sight we like to keep our posts as similar to how we are set out - Original. With such a fantastic range of guest blogs coming in every day, we love to receive the most unique and forward thinking.

If you are interested in sending us a guest blog, we follow the main guideline of not having it the same as the one on your web page. Whether it's changing a few words, shortening sentences or just writing the whole thing differently, we are more than happy to receive and share them with our hundreds of readers. 

Here are two guest blogs we thought were fantastically unique and interesting:

On the other hand if you would prefer us to write the blog for you and add that little bit of a unique spark to your guest blog on our page, we can also offer that as well.

For more information on promoting your company on our blog, please visit our guest blog page and begin your connecting with us today. Also if you have any more quires regarding guest blogging we would be more than happy to help.

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