Monday 18 April 2016

Promotional And Corporate Gifts To Suit Every Type Of Employee

Many businesses like to hand out corporate gifts to their employees for a variety of reasons, from rewards for exceptional performance and thank you’s for hard work through to Christmas and birthday gifts. It’s important to ensure, however, that the promotional gifts you have selected will suit the employee in question. The good news is that there are gift ideas to suit all types of employee.

1. Car Enthusiasts
Whether they have an old car that they’re doing up and enjoy watching the Grand Prix, some of your employees might be really into cars. Some of the corporate gifts that they are likely to enjoy include: in-car chargers for USB devices (such as iPods and phones), smartphone holders, tire gauges, boot organisers, sunshades and emergency kits.

2. Outdoors Lovers
If your employees prefer to spend their free time outdoors, gifts that encourage these sorts of activities would be appreciated. These could include: golf gear (such as balls and bags), health and fitness items (such as pedometers, towels and wrist bands), and even picnic gear (such as cooler bags, picnic sets and binoculars).

3. Tech Heads
Employees that like to keep up to date with the latest advancements in technology are likely to appreciate IT-related promotional gifts, including: power banks (for charging on the go), USB drives, iPad and iPhone accessories, laser pointers, computer accessories, fitness watches, and other technological items (such as hubs).

4. Social Butterflies
If your employees always seem to be invited to various events and have a rich social life, gifts that allow them to continue this lifestyle are always appreciated. These could include: balloons, bar and counter mats, confectionary, drinkware accessories (such as bottle openers), stubby holders, and even games.

5. Travel Fanatics
When your employees spend a lot of time travelling, whether for business or pleasure, corporate gifts that make this as comfortable as possible are a great choice. Think high quality luggage locks, luggage tags, toiletry bags, luggage, travel wallets, toiletries and other accessories (such as power point adaptors and travel pillows).

We would like to thank Novel Tees for this insight into how their company works and what they can offer you. For more information on their promotional products and the complete range of products, please follow the link.

Novel Tees is a 100% Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the provision of promotional products. They can be effortlessly customised with your logo and branding. They have around 5000 different product lines currently available, ensuring that you will be able to find the perfect gift to suit each and every one of your employees.


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