Monday 25 April 2016

Top 3 Promotional Product Blogs for April

Delta Marketing Group

Delta Marketing Group is a great marketing company with some very interesting promotional blogs. Our Favourite one that has been recently published is Best Promotional Handout Idea For 2016: Digital Rewards.

This blog gives a break down of why companies should use digital rewards over physical rewards at trade shows and other events. While suggesting that they are Eco-friendly, add value and leave a good impression, this blog is hard to argue against and that is why it's in promogift blogs top 3 for April. There is also a few examples they have found to help you develop your ideas further.

Bic Graphic

Bic Graphic produce some really enjoyable promotional blog to read. Our favourite has been their collaboration with Cool Gear in BIC Graphic Expands Partnership with Cool Gear - Supporting Fitness and Hydration Trends.

They discuss the usefulness of this new product and it's flavour burst function targeting "those who enjoy a little flavor in their water". They then go on to emphasise the importance of staying hydrated, giving us some interesting links to educate us on this topic.


We've always enjoyed blogs from Halo, and now with the new release of Game of Thrones, we haven't been able to stop reading their blog on How Game Of Thrones Uses Promotional Products.

This blog discusses a range of products available to all GOT fans. Some of the products discussed vary from innovative creations to those only the true die hard fan would wear. It is organised into an interesting set of categories ranging from drinksware to even apparel and how they can benefit your brand. Our favourite product from the blog has to be the umbrella with the sword handle.

PromoGift Blog would like to thank Delta Marketing Group, Bic Graphic and Halo for some amazing reads this month. If you are interested in any of these topics or blogs please follow the links.

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