Wednesday 11 May 2016

ASI: Market Statistics on Higher Education Clients

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has recently published a study on clients in higher education, with interesting survey data found on popular sectors collected from distributors. There were various interesting results about various demographics, as well as locations and opinions.
ASI: Market Statistics on Higher Education Clients 
They started by surveying how easy it is to penetrate into the higher education market. What's interesting to note here is that when put together, just over half of the sectors claimed that it was rather difficult. With 23% mentioning it was neither hard nor easy and with around 25% claiming it was easier. What's interesting to take note of is the need to understand why it might be harder to target and how is best to offer the most attractive products.
ASI: Market Statistics on Higher Education Clients 
Once breaking into the sector, its interesting to also note that there were somewhat mixed results collected in retaining higher education clients, with most having only a somewhat or neither/or opinion. 
ASI: Market Statistics on Higher Education Clients  
They also conducted a survey on what promotional products for this sector are most popular. Unsurprisingly writing instruments came top with 74%, whilst other popular university items such as apparel and bags came a close second.

Surprising desk and office items were lower down with 48% and health items were least favoured. This is important as for companies taking part in promotional campaigns as there can be heavy focus on promotional study equipment and clothing, something many students like to utilise.

ASI: Market Statistics on Higher Education Clients 
Most orders for promotional merchandise were also found to be during the second and third quarters of the year, a time for most people in higher education where it gets busier. For example, there are more campaigns and events to take away pre-exam stress, and post-exam events to celebrate. These could be factors your brand could consider when promoting products to this sector.

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