Wednesday 18 May 2016

Digital Promotion With Konami Entertainment

The euros are fast approaching, this year in France, and what better way to celebrate such a huge sporting event then by offering a national football shirt. With the release of the PES euros game along with this major football competition, Konami are offering a fantastic digital promotion bundle.

This digital promotion takes place through twitter, interacting with it's customers through the hash tag #PRESEUROS. With widespread euro's fever being a major topic throughout twitter, not only just in the host continent but through out the world, it is the perfect way to promote Konami's digital experience.

Konami Digital Entertainment have used this opportunity to gain followers and potential customers by making the entry requirements of the competition be that the entrant has to follow them. Additionally to this they must also follow the Northern Ireland Football team - networking both companies to a range of clients.

This give away has a fantastic range of prizes that are hard for any football fan or gaming fan to turn down. The products offered are:
  • Northern Ireland football shirt.
  • Playstation 4 with PES Euros Game.
  • JBL Boost TV sound Bar.

These premium gifts are difficult to resist for any person, even if they are not a fan of football or computer games. It is even great for those just wanting to win a sound system for their TV.

We would like to thank Konami for this insight into their fantastic digital promotion campaign in preperation for the euros and look forward to seeing the results of such great marketing.

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  1. I loved that jersey.
    You know b2b portals like may be able to improve your sales. Take my advice :)


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