Friday 6 May 2016

Mother's Day Promotions: Avon Offer Exclusively Designed Gifts with Purchase

For many countries worldwide this Sunday (8th May 2016) marks a very special day, Mothering Sunday. A special day to celebrate and honour all of our Mother figures close to us.

As an extra special touch, many brand's are promoting this day by offering free gifts with every purchase of their products and other promotions to increase awareness for this day.

Top-rated cosmetics and skincare brand Avon, are one company offering Mother's Day gifts. Labelled as “For Mom, with Love", Avon are offering an exclusively designed mug and embroidered pillow with every purchase over $55 when using an online code at checkout.

Why offer gift with purchase items for special holidays?

  • Sentimental value. Gifts that are promoted as being special are more likely to attract customers due to their feeling of exclusiveness and are more likely to be purchased. If offering a favourable product it will increase brand value. 
  • Design. Promotional gifts for holidays will always change each time the holiday recurs making this a more unique product. If you give this product to your Mother, the gift will be cherished more.
  • Promotional mugs and pillows are products that are more likely to be used for a long period of time. When special products are given to people they again will more likely be used, and the more often they are used, the better your brand recall. 

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