Wednesday 1 June 2016

ASI: Red Cross Recruits Summer Donors with Promo Products

Summer is coming and American Red Cross have started with their social media marketing campaign to encourage people to donate blood.

From May 27th through to May 31st, people who donate blood during this Memorial Day weekend will receive a free branded t-shirt as part of the #ChooseYourDay campaign.  

American Red Cross according to spokesman, Kara Lusk Dudley, has seen a recent decline in the number of donors due to the summer and holiday season fast approaching. Also with around 20% of high school and college students currently out of class during this holiday season, blood donations from regular drives have also dropped. 

Branded Apparel, especially T-Shirts are an effective way to spread cause awareness in a bolder and eye-catching way. People no matter of their age or tastes will always wear t-shirts, and American Red Crosses custom T-Shirts will sure be proud to be worn as a thank you for donating.

And this isn't the first time that Red Cross have given out promotional products to spread such a good cause. In the past other products such as beach towels and baseballs caps have also been given away as part of their campaign to raise blood donation awareness. As well as this they will have further upcoming promotions for this year's Fourth of July weekend where Red Cross will plan on giving 
logoed coolers to attract donors, so be on the look and save a life!

We would like to thank ASI Central and American Red Cross for the provided information. If interesting in knowing more on this, please visit the Advertising Specialty Institute Website. The full report can be found here

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