Monday 27 June 2016

ASI: What Promo Products Buyers Want

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has recently published a report after surveying end-buyers to find out what they like, what they’re buying and how they’re using promo products.

This survey featured a variety of questions about clients buying behaviour, product choice and factors they consider when choosing a product.
One of the first questions on the survey asked end clients if they often shop using commodity price as their reason for buying/not buying a product. Over half of all respondents replied as somewhat or strongly agreeing that price is the main buying factor.

With this in mind, it's important for promotional products and campaigns to factor in price and to offer customers a product that is value for money and more desirable.

T-Shirts, stationary, bags and drink ware unsurprisingly came in as the top promo products. With significant branding power due to their usefulness, cheaper price and re-usable factors they are products which people most likely need.
Furthermore, ensuring better quality product design is key. With 68% of end-clients agreeing that good quality logo's are more valuable and more likely to be paid more for, investing that little bit extra in how your product looks could go that much further for your brand.

With society changing their environmental views and its importance holding greater significance. Promotional products that favour this are undoubtedly more favoured. End-clients also agree for this, with a whopping 60% agreeing to buy, over non environmental products.
Being given gifts in general goes a long way, and are often regarded with more value. With 74% of clients liking to show appreciation, receiving and giving promo gifts is important.

The marketing mix is critical for trying to understand customer needs. Promotional products are key to increasing sales, brand recognition and spreads brand advertisement. With 68% of end-clients agreeing on its importance within the business, it can be critical in setting your brand ahead of the competition.

Advertising Speciality Institute® (ASI)  is the promotional product industry's largest membership organization offering media, technology, marketing and education to help cultivate success and community. To find out more please follow the link above to ASI Contact Page.

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