Monday 29 August 2016

Eye Department offers Free Sunglasses with Purchase

Eye Department, which is a firm in Portland, USA are offering customers a free pair of Quay sunglasses with purchase.
Eye Department offer customers free sunglasses with purchase
This promotion is of course aimed at existing customers of the brand, and it is a great promotion to get these customers through the door. The benefit from this offer is that customers who purchase of a year’s supply of contact lenses can look forward to a free pair of sunglasses from a prestigious brand. This will increases customer loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth will attracts new potential customers to the brand.

Why we like the gift with purchase promotional idea for eye care brands?

This brand promotion is appealing as eye care companies do not usually offer sunglasses as a free gift with purchase. It is more likely that an eye care brand brand will offer customers a pair of glasses, so this promo will enhance brand visibility and make Eye Department stand out from the crowd. Also, by using Quay sunglasses as part of this promotion, upholds the brands reputation as customers and lovers of the Quay brand, will associate Eye Department with quality and style and all the characteristics they would associate with Quay. This marketing campaign will ultimately help to boost sales for the company as well.

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