Monday 19 September 2016

Forever Joma use Wax Candle Promotion

Forever Joma, a British jewellery brand has come out with a new promotional offer for its customers. The brand is offering customers a complimentary scented candle with purchase.

Forever Joma Wax Candle Promotion
Customers who purchase a product from Forever Joma get a scented soy wax candle. Soy wax candles are better than paraffin candles because they are burn longer, are non toxic and eco-friendly. As a result, soy wax candles are top of the range, and this promotion is in keeping with Forever Joma’s brand. It also means that customers, who have not heard of the brand, will be more convinced by their luxury label and will be more persuaded to try and make a purchase from the brand.

Why we like this promotional idea by Forever Joma?

This gift with purchase offer by Forever Joma is a great marketing campaign which is in keeping with the brand and its story. As a company that was launched earlier this year, Forever Joma is quickly setting itself apart from the competition. Potential customers will be attracted to the company by this offer, and may continue to support the brand as loyal customers, getting more attention for the brand via positive word-of-mouth. All in all, it looks like Forever Joma has picked the right promo gift to open them up to the market, and create the better brand recall. 

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