Monday 26 September 2016

Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales

The summer is a great time to start promoting your brand. You could host or sponsor a fun community event and give away swag to stay top of mind long after the event is over.
Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales
Everyone likes to get out in the sun during the summer, and the right promotional products will let you put your brand in front of the right eyes all summer long. Here are a few top summer promotional products that will help you ultimately boost sales:

Beach Balls

Beach balls are popular for all kinds of water play, whether it's at the beach or not. Kids and adults alike love to bat them around or use them to play games of water volleyball. They're also fun for pets.

Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales
When your logo or company name is printed on the side of a beach ball, you are getting exposure every time it is lobbed from one person to another. Make sure your logo is large and bright so that it gets noticed even in a high-energy game.


Throwing a Frisbee back and forth ranks up there as one of the most popular summertime activities. You can enjoy Frisbee at the beach, at a camp site, or even in your own backyard.

Just like with the beach ball, you'll be flashing your logo in front of many potential customers every time the Frisbee is used if you invest in branded, promotional Frisbees.
Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales
Invest in a variety of colors to make your Frisbees more attractive. Let people pick out the size, color or design they like at your event so that you know for sure they will get what they want -- and will get a Frisbee they will actually use again and again.

Picture Frame Magnet

People love to display photos of their vacations on their refrigerators. Giveaway picture frame magnets, and you'll easily get your brand front-and-center when customers use those frames to show off their favorite snaps.

Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales
Choose a beach theme if you're looking to do a summertime giveaway. Other themes are available throughout the year, so you can use these frames for many other events.

The center of the frame comes out and becomes a separate magnet that bears your company name and information. Meanwhile, you can also have your name or logo printed on the frame itself so that it is always on display with the photo.

Bottle Opener Key Chain

Between trips to the beach and cookouts with friends all summer long, you are bound to open a frosty bottled beverage or 12 along the way. Keeping a bottle opener on your keychain makes it easy and convenient to do so.

These bottle opener key chains make the perfect promotional gifts since they will be in use all summer long and will be passed along readily. Choose fun designs that are keeping with the summer theme, like a shark or fish.

Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales
The key to success with promotional products is to choose items that customers will really want or use and to stick with what's on trend or topical. These promotional products are perfect for the summer, and they'll be greatly appreciated by customers and potential customers. Stock up on a variety of these items for your next event.

Trending Now: Summer Promotional Products to Boost Sales

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