Monday 31 October 2016

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch

Following incorporation in America earlier this year, the multi award-winning distributor of promotional merchandise, Outstanding Branding, has opened its doors in Park Avenue, New York.

Outstanding Branding founders Sarah Penn and Andy Thorne recognise the high demand for a global solution within their current clientele, with a large proportion of clients having a global presence, in America in particular.  It is a vital part of the Outstanding Branding strategy to be able to offer a fully global solution, and the opening of the Park Avenue office is key to this.

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch

“We are lucky to have signed on offices in a fantastic part of a fantastic city,” comments Outstanding Branding CEO, Sarah Penn.  “The proximity to a number of our existing clients will allow us to offer the face to face, personal service we know they appreciate; as well as giving us the opportunity to drop in on any new clients interested in benefiting from our approach”.

Having previously contracted with a warehouse partner in New Jersey, which will be able to meet the demands of storage and fulfilment of their American clients, Outstanding Branding is strongly positioned to increase their foothold in the US.

“All the pieces are in place to allow us to deliver the world class service we have traditionally offered to our EMEA-based clients, to a new audience in the US,” comments Sales & Marketing Director, Andy Thorne.  “Our membership of both the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI/ 288519) and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI 678649) gives us access to and the support of all of the best-in-class suppliers in the US.  This allows us to provide our creative, professional solutions with the same speed and success as we do in the UK”.

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch
Outstanding Branding is carrying its company Values of Respect, Understanding, Creativity and Professionalism over to the US office, and these Values make them an innovative, forward-thinking proposition in any country.  Coupled with the company’s focus on customer service, Corporate Social Responsibility and the delivery of global solutions, these Values are key to ensuring the service delivered by the new US team is at the same as their UK-based companies have grown to expect.

Sales Director Andy Thorne explains, “Although we will continue to work with our existing partners across the globe, we feel that there is no substitute to being looked after to the same standards, processes and values worldwide.  We want to deliver our global solution very much with a focus on local understanding; so whilst the traditional OB Values will be the same for our US team, the local product and industry knowledge will prove vital to delivering a solution that works regionally as well as internationally.  These are exciting times and give our staff some amazing opportunities.”

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch
More information on Outstanding Branding’s promotional merchandise is available at, where details of the complete range of products and services offered can also be found.

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