Ferrero Rocher offers Promotional Giftset by Americana

Ferrero Rocher has long been known as a luxury chocolate brand. The high-quality brand now has a new Promotional Giftset, and combines their chocolates with a free leather pouch by Americana.

This leather pouch has a strap to keep it closed. This and the dark brown colour give it a nice rustic touch. Secondly, the use of leather for material gives it a luxurious look. There's many different uses for a pouch like this, for example money, papers, receipts or photos.

Why do we like this Promotional Giftset?

Firstly it's great for brand value. Ferrero Rocher is considered a luxury chocolate. Offering a free gift to pair with these chocolates will make any customer happy to buy your product now, and in the future.

An actual gift set is a nice product for keeping and sharing with friends and family. These chocolates are often bought as gifts for others, so a gift set will help increase awareness to your products range and what it stands for. A useful and practical gift like this will leave a better brand image.

A promotional giftset is a nice marketing technique to entice people to buy your product and acts as a pull factor to help increase product sales. In general its a fantastic campaign to increase your mature product range and for introducing new products onto the market!

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