Tuesday 5 September 2017

Chilli Promotions Wows with Nesting Dolls

Chilli Promotion Melbourne Wows with Nesting Dolls in their recent Marketing Campaign for Bayer. The Babushcat Doll and Lungworm awareness campaign won a PPAI Gold Award.  We like the play on words.  Mixing the Babushka traditional doll with the Cat suffix work well since Bayer were looking for a unique item to drive sales for their Cat related Health Products.

When working with customers in B2B sector you want to WOW your partners.  Let us know what other animal related promotional products you have used in your marketing campaigns and we will feature them here.

Chilli picked up 3 awards at the PPAI show in Vegas.   We will be commenting on some other awards in our next Promotional Products Blogs.   Stay tuned.

Check out a link for more awards from great industry experts on this link. http://www.ppai.org/members/awards  

For Promotional Products in Melbourne, contact the team at Chilli Promotions. http://www.chillipromotions.com.au/

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