Wednesday 19 December 2018

The Most Popular Promotional Products of 2018

Every year marketers seem to settle on five or six classes of product which capture the zeitgeist. 2018 has been no exception with simple, proven products prevailing. But with a twist. Here we list the most popular promotional products ordered in Australia by Fresh Promotional Products clients, including feedback on the reasons for buying and the ways in which these have been used to generate sales and increase brand equity.

1. Reusable Coffee Cups - Metro Cups

Not only eco-friendly, the perfect way to enjoy your favourite beverage. While coffee consumption continues to increase all around the world so do concerns about the environmental impact of producing and disposing of tens of millions of cups daily. The great advantage of reusable coffee cups is that they are not a compromise, in fact, many people consider them to be a superior way in which to consume their daily heart-starter. Add your branding and you have a convenient, practical gift with genuine eco-friendly credentials.

As demand for these insulated coffee cups has increased through 2018 so the range of colours and styles on offer has expanded to match demand. Most popular now are vacuum walled models made of glass, stainless steel BPA free acrylics. A great example of this style of a reusable cup is metro cups, a double-walled, vacuum insulated all glass coffee cup which is available in a wide range of different coloured leakproof caps. Complete with a silicone band which carries custom branding the Metro Cup is a long-life, versatile way in which to drink your morning heart-starter.

2. Insulated Bottles

A surprise success in 2018 has been the ever-increasing interest in vacuum bottles. Not only do these products assist with personal hydration they are ideal for sports teams and make a personal gift everyone appreciates. Because the insulating properties of these bottles work equally well with hot or cold contents your branding will get year-round play. It’s a well-known fact that a person can live for a month without food, but only a couple of days without water. This gives an important perspective on the relative value a marketer can extract from the use of these versatile metal bottles in promoting their brand.

Most popular and the style with the best consumer feedback have been copper insulated bottles. The novel technological twist which makes them so effective is internal copper plating on the inner wall which reduces temperature equalisation with the outer environment. The cheaper models promise 6-hour insulation for hot beverages and 12 for cold but some of the more expensive options can double this. Just like old school Thermos flasks these new style promotional vacuum bottles seem to perform miracles and defy the laws of physics but it is, in fact, their extraordinary practicality is a result of an understanding and practical application of the laws of thermodynamics.

3. Shopping Bags

The trend away from handing out custom shopping bags to grocery shoppers has been on for some time, and in many western nations, it’s become recent government policy to discourage their use. This creates an opportunity for promotional marketers to supply custom printed shopping bags to the public who still need a means by which they can transport their purchases home in safety. The public need for shopping bags has therefore actually increased as has the level of attention paid to them. Combined, these changes in the marketing environment all say “opportunity” for those wishing to maximise the return their promotional investment.

4. Wireless Power Banks

Promotional power banks have been popular for the last few years and it’s not hard to work out why. With most of us using mobile communications devices as part of the business day the ability to charge on the run is essential to ensure communication lines remain open. But in 2018 the new range of mobile phones released by Apple, Samsung and Google incorporate wireless recharging. At first, this seems like an unnecessary complication in mobile phone design. How hard is it to plug in your phone to a USB port to recharge. But once you have access to one of the latest model phones which recharge wirelessly the simplicity of placing the phone on top of the charging pad without the need to use a connecting wire is very appealing. These modern phones come with a wireless charging dock, but the promotional option takes this one step further, including a battery which carries a charge so your wireless recharging is portable. Get one of these with your logo and message into the hands of your business contacts and you’ll always have their attention, in the office or on the road.

5. Cooler Bags

Cooler bags have many applications and the convenience of a shoulder strap to make carrying them about all that much easier. Whether it’s as an insulated lunch box or a simple but effective way to keep your drinks at the right temperature on a long dive a custom cooler bag is an item everyone has a use for at some time. Again, Promotional Cooler Bags have an eco-friendly edge. Keeping drinks and food at the right temperature for longer with no external power source is something that is of interest to everyone. The extensive range of styles and capacities also increases their utility. Grocery shoppers have also become fans of cooler bags as it makes transporting frozen and refrigerated foodstuffs a stress-free activity. No more rushing home after shopping, only to find your favourite flavour of ice cream has become a sticky mess in the trunk of your car! Versatility seems to be the keyword for the 2018 most popular promo products list and again custom cooler bags which work equally well with either hot and cold foods giving you year-round brand exposure.

Author Bio - Bill McGrath is the founder and Managing Director of Fresh Promotions, one of Australia’s leading promotions agencies with dozens of the nation's top 100 companies as long-term clients. With many years experience in retail and trade promotions, clients have come to depend on Bill’s advice in sourcing promotional products in Australia which enhances the values of their brand.

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