Monday 18 November 2019

How Custom Products Could Get You on omg! Insider

Stop the mistreatment of word "promotional products". What??
Yes, you heard it right, imprinting a logo on any random product for the sake of it, won’t ease your brand in close to future. 
So, I won’t say promotional products. I’d prefer it as custom merchandise or custom products.
We all know one of the most preferred strategy to drive brand awareness is the use of custom merchandise.
Even large companies see custom created merchandise as key to their marketing mix – here’s why:
Custom products have for quite a while been outstanding amongst other advertising techniques and by and large, an
exhibiting method that is under-assessed and ignored by companies which is, a marketing mistake. 

To kick us off, let’s look at some custom merchandise stats:
  • The average household in the U.S. owns 30 custom promo items. 
  • 85% of worldwide consumers remember the business that gave them branded apparel.
  • The average length of your time a client keeps a promo product is about one year.
Source: ASI Report 
Now we know the facts, here’s just some reasons why you should be investing in custom merchandise:
 Brand Awareness
Probably one of the most preferred brand awareness tool is custom merchandise. During events, we've experienced some
type of merchandise display and giveaways. We get these items, put them in our bag and take them home. 

Once in the home, these custom products are creating nonstop brand awareness.
Conducting an event, fundraising, supporting a cause or running a Social media campaign. Custom merchandise fits on all occasions.
Here I present two situations:
Situation 1 - Conducting an event or social media contest use coffee mugs with your brand logo as a giveaway. Now
whenever consumers sip tea or coffee, your brand recognition will happen

Situation 2 - Fundraising or Supporting a cause use a personalized t-shirt. Print slogan and branded hashtag on t-shirts, it will spread the message to the viewers in a great way.
Did You Know: 53% of the time, custom products create a more favorable impression of the brand.
Customer Loyalty
Everyone loves a freebie and promotional items are not an exception to that rule. Normally, if an organization
gives away free merchandise, individuals are a lot more inclined to use the business (psychologically, they feel like they
owe you one!). 
Custom products will help prospects feel already valued – though they’re not an existing customer.
Did You Know: Custom products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter  
Custom Merchandise will act as a business card
Over the years we've seen sharing of Business cards with prospects that itself could be a different method of promoting
your business, but custom merchandise appears to pack extra of a punch as a business card instead of an actual
business card. 
Company logo and slogan depicting your business message on the merchandise will give an instant boost to Brand
Recognition. Like we can immediately recognize Apple (computer manufacturer) business on seeing its bitten apple logo.
Data indicates customers admit to throwing away business cards within the first month of receiving them – so custom merchandise is a sure shot win here.
Did You Know: 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last 2 years. 
Greatest return with Least Cost
In case you're a small and medium enterprise, marketing is everything and most private companies dream for a multi-
dimensional advertising approach that will make a clamor about their products and services.
Custom merchandise allows small businesses to adequately advertise their business while minimizing expenses.
There are many low-cost custom merchandise for new businesses. Most of the manufacturers keep the costs extremely
low for mass distribution. Costs of the merchandise are low however the effect is high on the recipients.

There are entire plenty of various custom product options are available that organizations can decide to promote on – including coffee cups, t-shirts, writing instruments and various other promo items.

Mugs and t-shirts are among the most well-known and being able to recall the advertiser found on their mug.
Did You Know: In the USA, outerwear (for ex: polo t-shirts) generates most impressions (6,100) because it’s often
worn in public places.
Promotional merchandise simply works
In totality, custom merchandise simply works as an amazing thanks to market your business regardless of but massive or tiny. 
So, get in touch with a custom product company and turn your imagination into reality – you’ll inevitably see successes if your branding is on point.
Did You Know: Before receiving a custom product, 55 % of individuals had done business with the advertiser. when receiving a custom product, 85 % of individuals did business with the advertiser.

Important Tip: It's imperative to decide on the correct custom merchandise for your audience and the way to try and do that may cover in my next blog.

Till then keep connected, you'll write your thoughts and ideas at
Happy Reading!

About the Author:
Vikash Singh is the Digital Marketing - Lead at Y-Not Design & Mfg, and was before the Head of Search Engine
Optimization at Sociosquares - A digital marketing agency located in the USA & India.

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