Tuesday 14 April 2020

Promotional Product Industry News

Check out out top picks for global promotional products blogger news for the month.  Dive in into our most popular blogs in April!

Many times, getting fresh ideas and sharing promotional and marketing ideas can produce a spark of inspiration for your team. 

Top Picks for Promotional Product blogs in April 2020

E-promos has published a very important article to educate readers on the protection of face masks for the safety of your loved ones and the public. This article covers it all, levels of protection of different types of face masks, guidelines from the CDC and other facial coverings that can prove useful too.

Social Distancing Promotional Products

JEM promotional products created an amazing range of products that encourage everyone to keep social distancing together, keeping our loved ones and the professionals fighting for us safe.

Covid19 Medical Supply Sourcing

Covid19 Medical Supplies: ADCO Marketing has a wide range for selection, from FDA certified masks to hand sanitizers. Lending a helping hand in providing medical suppliers where demand is growing large than supply.

RC Denver branded has specifically designed products for spending time at home. Working and staying at home has become a normal globally, and is the responsible practice. Stay productive, connected and relaxed as ever completing tasks from the comfort of home.

3 Steps To Using A Beer Bucket The Right Way

Did you know? Different beer buckets are made to suit different drinking needs? Even though they can all look the same. Different beer buckets serve individually, different purposes. By the end of this article, impress your customers with your knowledge on beer buckets with Perfect Imprints' blog.

One by one story: Trenton Military Family Resource Centre

The military members who spend months on end away from their family so that we can always be with ours. The Trenton Military Family Resource Centre writes about their annual community event to support military families with backpack giveaways by 4imprint promotional products

Get Your Brand Heard with a Custom Cardboard Speaker

Being environmentally friendly is trend to stay, and with sustainability a growing factor in driving purchase decisions. Here are 9 reasons why your company should have custom cardboard speaker as a promotional gift, by The ODM Group.

With a staggering 2.5 million who own a cellphone, who doesn’t have a power bank nowadays? Bet you didn’t know that other than saving you from the horror of 1% battery display, it is an amazing way to keep your brand at the forefront of a client’s mind. 

What differentiates this power bank as a promotional gift is the design and development that makes it sustainable, impactful and affordable.

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