Tuesday 27 October 2020

ASI Power Summit 2020

ASI Power Summit 2020 ASI Power Summit is an event filled with networking, education and memorable experiences. The conference will cover areas such as – industry climate, action plans and collaborative relationships. There are speakers from some of the most well-known brands in the world.

Market Analysis for Promo

According to Marie Hunter, Senior Director of Meetings, Conferences and Events for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). She predicts that 2021 will not ring in a post-pandemic normal, but act as a bridge into the new normal in 2022 for the meetings and events industry. However, her prediction could be proven for other markets as well, in particular education and restaurants/hospitality.
These 3 sectors are major end-markets for the promotional product sales, which have been drastically affected by the pandemic. During the discussion, they noted that when COVID-19 struck, many events quicky pivoted and went virtual. While some went along with the originally scheduled timeframe, many events have been pushed into the 4th quarter.
Promo Pros in the Restaurant Business

During the summit, Rich Carollo a Chicago based businessman highlighted the promo prospects with restaurants as restrictions begin to lift. Interestingly enough, he said his restaurant is interested in scarves, mittens and blankets. All items that people can buy to support their favourite local places to keep warm while dining in winter. Additionally, another solution is creative packaging in terms of takeout boxes, cutlery etc.

Promo Pros in the Education Business

According to Kate Hornberger, the associate marketing director at Wharton School, promo continues to play an important part in higher education. A study showed that students have a deep affinity for their school brand which translate to a desire to sport the school logo. With classes being primarily held online it boasts the possibility for a greater desire for the logoed gear.

Keep up to date in the Promotional Products Industry

Promotional Products Work! Week is an international grassroots event led by the Promotional Products Association Internation (PPAI) and the promotional products industry. 

InnerWorkings Acquired by HH Global Group

HH Global Group announced the completion of the acqusition of InnerWorkings on October 1st 2020.

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