Tuesday 8 December 2020

Pizza Hut's Weighted Blanket Sells Out in 10 Hours!

The limited-edition blanket comes with a seemingly weighty price of $150, was sold out in 10 hours, reported by Fox NewsWith the cold weather quickly approaching, Gravity Blanket and Pizza Hut have teamed up for a warm and delicious collaboration, the Original Pan Weighted Blanket. 

Pizza Hut announced the limited-edition weighted blanket, so pizza lovers can climb underneath and feel like they just came out of the oven themselves. Weighing in a toasty 15-pounds, it’s made to look like a pepperoni pizza spanning a whopping 72-inches in diameter.
The blanket features a “premium micro-fleece duvet cover to comfort and soothe, mimicking the unbeatable feeling of indulging in an Original Pan Pizza.” And the chain says the blanket’s “therapeutic power of deep touch pressure stimulation” makes it “perfect for fans to snuggle up under this winter if they’re looking for improved sleep and reduced anxiety.”

In a press release, George Felix, Chief Marketing Officer ar Pizza Hut said, “There’s no better way to close out 2020 than eating a Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza while wrapped in the warmth and comfort of the Original Pan Weighted Blanket, this partnership with Gravity Blanket was the perfect solution to bring one of our legendary pizzas to life while bringing our fans a little TLC at the same time.”
Why were so many people ready to shell out $150 for a blanket? The price may have actually played a role. A comparably sized Gravity Blanket – 72” long and weighing 15 lbs. – typically sells for $195 on the company’s website, so this Pizza Hut version was sold at a 25% discount.

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