Monday 1 February 2021

Interviews From Thought Leaders in the Promotional Industry - Matthew Boorer

 What were your 3-5 best selling products last year? (Bags, shirts, pens, drinkware etc.)

We have had some traditional promotional products best sellers such as Drinkware, Bags, Caps, Pens. However, as a result of the pandemic, we have recieved more intrest in Safety Products (hand sanitiser, face masks and social distancing stickers)

What are faster growing market segments in your region? (banks, automotive, Pharma, Food etc...)

With COVID we saw a bit of a shift in what market segments were doing best. High performers were industries such as e-commerce, online education, online entertainment and home improvement. With a drop in industries such as travel and events that may bounce back sometime in 2021.

Do you visit trade shows. If so, which ones are your favourite and why?

In Australia the APPA tradeshow that's held annually in Sydney is definitely the biggest and best for promotional merchandise. It allows suppliers to showcase new offerings and for everyone to interact in person.

I always love seeing what's new and innovations on the horizon. Unfortunately the 2020 conference was cancelled so I'm looking forward to the event this year.

What are the biggest opportunities you see in your industry?

 think the biggest opportunity is better positioning and education to put promotional products as a staple in all marketing plans.

I also think that in the future companies are going to utilise promotional products better in influencer marketing and on social media. There is also opportunity for merchandise stores for Youtubers, Podcasters and brands.

Any examples of a good marketing campaign you like?

Something we were excited to do last year was individual gift boxes. Where bundles of products were presented in a gift box and sent directly to all of the attendees of a virtual conference.

We got some great feedback and it meant that we could still provide solutions for our customers even without them seeing attendees in person.

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Matthew Boorer - Content Manager
Promotion Products - An Australian Promotional Products Distributor

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