Tuesday 27 September 2011

Education Promos

The educational world is changing- in the United Kingdom university fees were increased to a potential of £9,000 annually this year, and the United States of America is already well known for its high tuition fees.

Why not use these issues as part of your promotional marketing campaigns? Dr Pepper is doing just this. As part of a promotional campaign they are offering $100,000 USD to go towards tuition fees.

Educational Promotional Campaign

By using this unusual prize, consumers are drawn to purchasing your products for a chance of wining- this is when you can hit them with promotional products. Giving free promotional products as secondary prizes is a great way to promote your company and gives consumers a reason to be happy about receiving them- as they won!!

Use current events to promote your company- think what problems your target demographic are having; if they are students are they worrying about their tuition fees? If they are middle aged are they worrying about pensions? If they are children are they worrying about where they will get their toys?

These current issues can give you the edge over competitors. Remember to use unique prizes that will grab your target audience's attention!

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