Wednesday 14 September 2011

On Pack Promotions: Cover Mount Kids Promotions

Pack Promotions for magazines are also known as cover mount, in this blog we will show you the many different types of on-pack promotions that you can do within a very small promotional budget.
Creating promotional products can be beneficial in a number of ways- if your company has products aimed at children then it is obviously beneficial to attract your target audience.
However, even if children are not your target audience, by creating promotional products aimed at them can allow you to subconsciously tap into their parent's minds- the perfect target audience. This is evident in children's television programs- how many parents do you know who can recite word for word their children's favorite program or book?

There are many different types of promotional products for children, here are a few examples:

  • Sports goods- These products have an added bonus, not only do they promote your company, but it makes your company look good- as you are helping increase the fitness of children:

A children's jump rope can be a cost-effective use of promotional budgets

A table tennis set can be a great promotional tool.

  • Toys

Practical joke toys are perfect for any cover mount with a target audience between 5-12 year old boys

Again, these car toys are perfect for a target audience of 5-12 year old males

Finger skateboards are a low cost cover mount promotional tool

  • Games
A Frisbee gives the perfect way to promote your company in the center of its circle

This disk game can be used as a promotional marketing tool.

This snakes and ladders game is the perfect size for a more high end cover mount for children

All of these different types of promotional sections have individual benefits and levels of costs. However all of them can be produced in mainland China for very low prices. All of these products can be found at a very low cost through manufacturers in China.

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