Friday 14 October 2011

On Pack Promotion meets Cultural Designs

San Miguel, the world wide beer manufacturer were involved in a very interesting promotional campaign in Hong Kong, at Seven Eleven stores. This cultural promotional campaign can teach us a lot about constructing global marketing strategies.

Promotional Products meet Cultural Designs!

As seen above the special designs influenced by a Feng Shui masters, wishing consumers a happy Chinese New Year and prosperity. This is the perfect cultural promotional campaign; the packaging will jump out at consumers when they are looking for a drink, it catches the eye of the consumers and reminds them that the corporation is in touch with them.

By taking into account culturally significant dates in the Far East such as; Chinese New Year, National Day, or Diwali you can make sure that consumers in some of your smaller markets remember your brand!


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  2. Absolutely! It helps them to grow and explore their knowledge regarding enterprises. Thanks for sharing. You explain well the important details that everyone will benefits it.


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