Monday 17 October 2011

On pack Promotional Product- Carrier Bag

As part of its marketing campaign, Bacardi Breezer have introduced a new on pack promotional beverage carrier. This carrier looks very cool. It is very practical for carrying bottles, as it is specifically shaped to house beverages:

Promotional drinks carrier

The packaging of this product helps it get product differentiation. The beverages are housed in a hexagon shaped plastic packaging opposed to the normal cardboard crate used in the beverage industry:

Promotional Packaging

This kind of innovative packaging makes consumers more aware of your product, as it catches their eye on the shelves!
The free carrier bag included in the packaging is a perfect kind of promotional product; relatively inexpensive, with an innovative twist on a classic promotional gift!


  1. The insulated jacket combining protection against the wind, retention of heat, and a carry handle for easy transport, is sold separately.

  2. If you're getting a Zero Messenger bag, choose the size medium is the most popular; I have a large.

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