Thursday 5 January 2012

Getting a ROI from a Promo Keyfob

It's not every day that I can give 'real' proof of Return On Investment (ROI) for a customer, but today I can!!
When I first met this particular customer what he was asking for was a quality metal keyring, or maybe a leather one. Now, maybe I should have taken the money and ran, but I didn't, I questioned him to inform me exactly:
  1. WHAT he was going to do with them?
  2. WHO he was going to give them to?
  3. HOW he was going to give them away?
  4. WHAT did he want his targets to feel when they received the giveaway?
It was only when I fully understood the answers to all of these questions, that I felt able to advise him..... he was about to buy the WRONG product.... what he really needed was something much CHEAPER, and not made from either metal or leather, but PLASTIC. What he needed was some Printed Keyfob Loops.

He went on to spend probably £150 with me, and keeps coming back for more and more.
When I was visiting him at his offices the other week, he took an order off of his internet site for £400 of motorcycle spares, all because one of his little cheap, plastic, logo keyfobs was used to keep the spare motorcycle keys on, and when the bike was sold on, the new owner contacted him to see about ordering some equipment. Without the keyfob, there was no other way for the new owner to have found his details.

£400 for a 35p keyring. Now that’s what I call a Return On Investment (ROI).
We've used these same budget keyfobs with the following businesses, who all keep coming back for more, as they bring results:
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Charities
  • Restaurants
  • Building Contractors
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Tax Advisors
What’s the best return you have ever had from a promotional gift?

Article written by guest blogger Richard for RT promotions

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