Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Octopus Suction Coolie : no regular beverage insulator !

The Octopus Suction Coolie® (OSC) is quite possibly the most practical beverage insulator for the recreational enthusiast.  Best part is, it doubles as an advertising beacon for years to come.  The OSC is simply a beverage insulator with suction cups on the bottom.  The only beverage insulator with suction cups!  Not a beverage holder with a giant suction cup to cement it in place while your bevvy gets warm from the elements.  Nope!  This Coolie is an insulator just like your favorite one that goes everywhere with you.  The differences, however, are many! 

Octopus Suction Coolie

First of all, the double wall insulation makes this unique material fully capable to insulate just as good if not better than the competition.  This Coolie provides more than enough insulation for the life of the open beverage.

Second, the durable material holds up to the test of time and harsh elements such as the sun (read case studies coming soon on promogiftblog)!  This durability means years of use from the same beverage insulator, meaning no more restocking your Coolie supply every season due to blown out or damaged goods.  Why does an inexpensive product usually equal one that does not last?  With the OSC, this problem is solved…inexpensive, durable, and long-lasting. 

Branded Octopus Suction Coolies for Promotions

Octopus Suction Coolie in use!
Finally, the real reason behind the buzz about this one-of-a-kind game changer of beverage insulators!  The Octopus Suction Coolie® is the only beverage insulator with suction cups.  What does this mean for you?  Well, do you enjoy boating, fishing, golfing, camping, yachting, RV’ing, rafting, motorcycling, or just hanging by the pool?  If so, this will quickly become your favorite Coolie!  Eight carefully designed and placed suction cups on the bottom of the OSC means when you set your drink down, it’s there to stay until you effortlessly remove it to have another swig.  The design of the size and placement of the suction cups was not by mistake.  In fact, after almost six months of R&D, the creators of the OSC finally came up with the best design to facilitate the easy placement and removal of a beverage while still having the security of the drink staying in place.  


  1. Its a great idea. Was actually looking for some gift ideas. I have a friend who is a big foodie and is very fond of drinking too.. Was wondering if there was an integrated gift like that !

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