Monday 25 June 2012

Trampoline: The bouncy new promotional product

Looking for an up market, original and fun promo gift idea? Well look no further...

Indeed several big brand companies, for example Nutella, Paul's milk or Wonder White, have carried out promotional campaigns where customers have the opportunity of winning Springfree trampolines. The process was simple: each day, one customer of their brand won s trampoline.

This type of promotion is very interesting as, unlike with most promotional offers - where the strategy is for every customer to win but only a low value gift - here only one lucky client wins, but he wins a very valuable and desirable gift.

What's more this type of promo advertises two brands rather than just one, enhancing the visibility of Springfree and increasing the sales of its partner promoter.

Trampolines are a great example of quality promotional gift but one can easily think of others from sport/gym equipment to massage chairs!


  1. There are the normal trampolines with no water-loaded base, and these are fairly popular things at circuses, fairs and even global contests in gymnastics.

    Trampoline nets

  2. The support poles of a trampoline enclosure should be made out of steel, however, if you have small children that will be using the trampoline you should purchase the type of enclosure that comes with the steel poles that have a foam coating which surrounds the poles to soften the impact should they come in contact with the poles.


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