Tuesday 19 June 2012

Promotional Gift - Climate Smart Thermometer by Chilli Promotions

Ever wondered how much energy you can save by adjusting your home appliances at an appropriate temperature? Well, Chilli Promotions has come up with a brilliant promotional item which gets the job done for you!

Introducing the Climate Smart Thermometer... Made out of acrylic with a magnetic backing on an A5 recycled backing card packaged in a 100% bio-degradable bag, this nifty product measures the temperature of your fridge, freezer, air conditioners and even hot water to ensure that your appliances are running at optimum temperatures for energy and water saving efficiency.

Award Winning Promotional Gift - Climate Smart Thermometer by Chilli Promotions

Ever since this promotional product has been rolled out for the Queensland Government, it won several prestigious awards such as:
  • 2010 APPA Gold Award (Limited Budget Under $5 category)
  • 2011 PPAI Bronze Pyramid Award (Goodwill Programs category)

This distinctive promotional gift comes with a recycled A5 card with tips on how to conserve power and water. Other than its functionality, it is also 100% carbon offset. Chilli Promotions has done a great job in creating this eco-friendly item and is the foremost promotional products company in Australia to offset all its merchandise to create 100 % carbon neutral products.

If you are interested in customising this promotional merchandise, feel free to leave a comment or contact Chilli Promotions for more information.

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