Friday 13 July 2012

Clipboard Meeting by Omnipub (France)

To celebrate the 14th of July (French National day) we are focusing on their promotional gift market.
Here we have the meeting clipboard from Omnipub which they manufactured for the French Air Force.

Even if it is not a new idea, it is still useful. Whilst your client might not be taking notes on exciting military missions, maybe you can get your sales staff motivated at a conference with some fun messages printed on the cover. Customize as you like!

For our French readers:

Nous avons décidé de nous focaliser sur le marché français ces derniers jours afin de célébrer la prise de la Bastille à notre manière.
Nous avons là une idée de l'entreprise Omnipub, qui propose une communication via à un porte document. Ce produit plutôt commun offre cependant un potentiel marketing énorme de par son utilité et sa longévité.

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