Whitcoulls GWP - Free Tea Towel Gift

New Zealand's major national bookstore chain, Whitcoulls, were giving away a free tea towel in honour of Mother’s day which falls in May. Customers receive this 9.99NZD gift on purchase of any one of eight selected top cookbooks.

Whitcoulls GWP - Tea Towel
The towel came in two fresh and bright looking designs, bound to cheer your mother up. One of the two designs were to be randomly selected for the consumer and it was also while stocks last. This is a wonderful giveaway which ties in nicely with the cookbook.
As mother's day is a special time, using the towel as an incentive was a cunning way to attract the customer as the added gift on the side should make a mother feel extra special. Furthermore the branding on the towel makes it unique and helps brand recall.
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